60L Sand & Water Fillable Cantilever Parasol Base with Wheels



The Nova - 60L Sand & Water Filled Cantilever Parasol Base with Wheels provides great support for our Barbados cantilever parasols, allowing you to move the parasol freely from location to location.

The base should be filled with sand and water to ensure the base weighs the maximum 60KG in order to provide full support for your cantilever parasol. The base includes a metal cross-section frame which means you will not require the cross-section base included with your cantilever parasol. Instead, to secure the cantilever parasol you will insert the parasol pole into the hole provided and it should securely fit in the cross-section frame within the base.

The base also offers two built-in wheels which allows you to move your cantilever freely and with ease to different locations, ensuring you are always protected by cooling shade.

The base is made from HDPE resin which is fully weather resistant and can be left outside all year round.

Please Note: This base is only suitable for our Barbados Cantilever Parasols and cannot be used with our Provence or Buckingham Cantilever ranges.

Product Features:
Weighs 60KG When Filled with Sand And Water
2 Built-In Wheels
Includes Metal Cross-Section Frame
HDPE Resin

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