Buckingham 3.5m Round Cantilever Parasol - Crank & Tilt



The Buckingham Cantilever Garden Parasol is available with a 3.5m round or 3m square canopy in beige, grey or taupe. The parasol rotates and tilts, allowing you to project a shadow over your outdoor area without the hassle of picking the parasol up and moving it into new locations. This parasol is erected via a crank handle, the crank is fixed to the side arm which offers minimum movement and less risk of damage. A quick release pin allows the canopy to tilt at many angles. To rotate this parasol, simply press on the foot pedal. When the canopy is covering the desired areas, release the foot pedal and the parasol will lock into place.

The canopy is kept in shape with reinforced aluminium ribs connected via strong hinged brackets for extra stability. The whole top section of the parasol disconnects from the bottom cross-section, and the canopy is removable as well as machine washable. Once washed, the canopy should be put back on the frame when damp and allowed to dry onto the frame.

The 250gsm polyester canopy offers plenty of sun protection as it has a UV rating of 50+. Additionally, it has a fade resistance level of 5/6 which means the colour is extremely protected against fading or discolouration.

When the sun isn't shining the parasol can be fully closed and easily held back out of the way with the sewn in Velcro straps which can be found on the canopy itself. We recommend that the parasol is kept closed when not in use and in windy conditions.

You will also receive a free zipped weatherproof cover to keep the canopy and framework in its best condition. The cover has a metal bar running inside it so that you can put it over the top of the framework without having to climb onto a chair.

Product Features:
Rotates 360°
Multiple tilting angles
Fade Resistance Level 5/6
UV Rating 50+
250gsm Polyester Canopy
Should remain closed in windy conditions
Includes cross-section base (requires weighted slabs)
Free cover.

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