2.1kW Free Standing Electric Patio Heater with Rattan Base



The Nova - 2.1kW Free Standing Electric Patio Heater with Rattan Base - Brown will make the perfect addition to any dining or sofa set. Place the heater near your chosen area and enjoy the heat generated to help your garden parties last longer, even on cool evenings.

This heater is powered by 2.1kW and will warm a large dining set well. The two switches give you the option to have one small round element, one large round element, or both elements switched on. For a low heat you can turn the small round element on and enjoy 900W. For a slightly warmer temperature just turn on the larger round element and enjoy 1200W. Or, if you want to enjoy the maximum heat for this heater you can turn both elements on and enjoy 2.1kW.

This freestanding heater has a weighted base which is covered in rattan weave. This stops the heater from falling over but also looks stylish, matches your garden furniture and is incredibly weatherproof. The cable is protected by a waterproof casing and the 1.8m British lead cable is long enough to reach your nearest plug socket. The heater will require assembly.

This heater is expected to last for up to 5000 hours and is extremely cost-effective costing as little as 12.6p per hour to run.

Product Features:
3 Heat Settings
Weighted Rattan Base
Running Costs from 12.6p per hour
1.8m Lead Cable

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