Lilo - Cordoba Corner Sofa Set - Brown (Code:6966)



Product Overview

The Lilo Cordoba Corner Sofa Set - Brown is an open-fan cascade of cushions whose softness and width invites your gathering to take a seat and spread out; there is room for everybody! Smaller huddles can make good use of the length from front to back and spread out quite happily; and just imagine having the entire sofa to yourself!

The frontal section can be pulled out and re-appropriated as a wonderfully wide footrest - with enough space for several people to put their feet up! In fact, the exact seating configuration of the different components can be rearranged in order to create a variety sofas layours to suit your group's needs (see photos!) When the sky is clear and the wine is in full flow, the sofa will be a full house as it sprinkles chatter and laughter into the darkening blue summer evening.

Notes: Cantilever parasol sold separately.
Keep cushions dry between uses.

  • 1 Curved Unit with cushions
  • 1 Curved Footrest with cushions
  • 2 Corner Units with cushions
  • 2 Chair Units with cushions
  • Warranty / Guarantee: 5 Years (Limited)