Cover for L-Shaped Verona Corner Sofa Set - 265cm x 265cm x 77cm x 70cm



Protect your Garden Furniture from the elements with this excellent Cover For Nova Verona Corner Sofa Set. Nova covers are designed specifically to protect your garden furniture. The covers are specifically engineered with longevity in mind, meaning that your cover will withstand all seasons.

Using high quality PVC backed polyester to ensure a completely weather resistant finish, Nova covers are also treated with specially formulated Weathertex compound which causes water to repel and bead.

To attach the cover you should remove all cushions and place the coffee table and footstool on the sofa sections.

Product Features:
Weathertex treated
PVC backed Polyester
Weather Resistant
1 Year Warranty

Please Note: Do not use this cover on Polywood tables unless you place a protective layer between the PVC-backing and the Polywood tabletop.

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