Happy Cocooning - Gas Fire Pit - Rectangular 1070 x 800 x 460mm Taupe (Code:8734)



Product Overview

The Happy Cocooning Rectangular Gas Fire Pit is a striking decoration for grand outdoor gatherings; the kind that are expected to run late into the night! Ideal for the scattering of nibbles, dips and glasses, your guests will be drawn to this luxury table, with its mysterious central Fire Pit, like moths to a flame! Imagine sitting happily with your favourite people; long shadows dancing in the orange glow, a gentle warmth blanketing your group.

The smokeless flickering will delight and even warm as the evening wears on. The fire itself emerges form a built-in gas fireplace; the height of the flame is regulated by a control knob. Getting it going is s snap with the electronic ignition - the Happy Cocooning Rectangular Gas Fire Pit really is very easy-to use! Convenient and welcoming, this fire pit invites company and welcomes all.

  • Burner: RVS, 19.5 kW (65,000 BTUH)
  • Ignition: Electronic, with thermocouple safety design
  • Available in anthracite grey, black and taupe
  • Keep covered in poor weather
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      1 Year (Limited)
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