Kamado Pro 18 Inch Ceramic BBQ Grill



The Kamado Pro 18 Inch Ceramic BBQ Grill – Black is perfect for both experienced and new barbecue enthusiasts. The thick-walled, heat resistant, heavy-duty, ceramic shell locks in both smoke and moisture for improved flavour and the heavy-duty ceramic fire bowl offers extra protection.

This Kamado grill has an easy-open dome which uses a spring function to allow easy opening and closing. This ceramic dome houses the large cooking surface made from stainless steel. With precisely 177 square inches of cooking space you can cook up to 10 burgers on this grill. This stainless steel not only helps to generate heat for quick cooking times but is also easy to clean so there’s no need to worry about grease stains.

The Kamado also offers two large chopping surfaces made from bamboo which are ideal for preparing or plating up your delicious concoctions. These bamboo side shelves can be folded down when not in use. Plus, the Kamado is on wheels making it easy to move around the garden so that you can pick the best grilling spot. Two of these wheels offer a locking function so that your grill does not roll away whilst you’re trying to cook up a treat for family and friends.

This Kamado uses charcoal and this charcoal sits at the bottom of the ceramic dome to heat the grill quickly and evenly so that you can grill burgers, chicken, corn, steaks or other delicious treats. The stainless-steel cooking rack has a foldable flap which allows you to insert the coal with ease.

Other great features on this Kamado grill are the built-in temperature gauge so you never have to guess what temperature you’re cooking on and the handy ash drawer which allows you to easily remove ash without having to tip the grill. Additionally, there is adjustable slide plate at the base that allows for precise temperature and air flow control as well as a wooden handle which stays cool as opposed to grills with metal handles.

Product Features:
H: 112cm (44”) W: 45cm (18”)
Charcoal Grill
177 Square Inches Stainless Steel Cooking Area
Folding Bamboo Sideboards Boards
2 Locking Wheels
Built-In Temperature Gauge
Adjustable Slide Plate
Ceramic, Heavy-Duty Shell

Must-Have Products for the Kamado:
The Multi-Level Cooking Accessory Grill is ideal for cooking multiple foods that require different temperatures, you can double your cooking space with this accessory.
The Kamado Pizza Stone is the perfect way to produce tasty pizzas on the grill without burning the crusts.
The Kamado Ash Tool helps you to remove excess ash from your Kamado safely and easily.
The Barbecue Grill Remover Tool clips to your grill to move it safely and easily without risk of burning yourself.