22L Sand & Water Fillable Parasol Base



The Nova - 22L Sand & Water Filled Cantilever Parasol Base is the ideal support for parasols to be used in conjunction with a dining table.

The parasol base will weigh 22KG when filled with 22 Litres of water, which is the ideal weight to support a parasol that is being used in conjunction with a dining table. The base is designed to hold parasols with a 38mm pole only. The strong, sturdy pole grip technology of the base will ensure a secure grip of the parasol and help to avoid the parasol blowing over and causing potential damage to your garden furniture.

The base is made from HDPE resin which is incredibly weatherproof and can, therefore, be left outside all year round.

Product Features:
Weighs 22KG When Filled with 22 Litres of Water
Only Suitable for 38mm Parasol Poles
Sturdy Pole Grip Technology
HDPE Resin

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