Water & Sand Filled Cantilever Base (Pack of 4)



The Water & Sand Filled Cantilever Base (Pack of 4) will securely and evenly hold your parasol in place, ensuring much-needed shade on a hot summer’s day.
The heavy duty plastic ensures long-term lasting quality but still remains easy to clean, carry and store. Can be filled with sand in order to provide additional weight to improve stability in windy conditions.

When these 4 triangle pieces are filled with sand and water they will weigh ~ 20kg per triangle, that is a combined weight ~ 80kg.

Use kiln-dried sand as it is much easier to fill.
Wet or building sand will not fit through the provided funnel.
The best way to fill the triangle pieces is to part fill with sand and then saturate with water, all using the aid of the funnel.

Product Features:
Dimensions Per Piece: 70 (long sides) x 45 (2 short sides) x 10 (H) (cm)
UV StabilisedCan weigh up to 80kg when filled with water and sand
A plastic funnel is included for filling with sand easily.
The pieces are made of durable plastic.
*The cross base and stand pictured are just for display.